Women by Afshan

Afshan Japanwala

Afshan Japanwala

Afshan Japanwala, is a strong, independent, Muslim Woman. She is a hotelier and landlady by profession and a With My Kids All The Time Kind of Mom. Read her views on Women.

What are your views on Feminism and if there was a code of conduct for women what should it be?

Why is she looking slimmer than me?
How come she got a such an expensive designer bag?
Her house is done up so well, will do my house better than hers.
Envious, Jealous, Comparisons and the race to become better.
Why are all these features synonymous with Women ?
A woman being the greatest creation of God and still possessing such negative traits.
She can be the most loving sister, daughter, wife and mother. But what happens when she turns a mother-in-law, daughter in law, sister in law.
We women can give our hearts out for our mothers but when it comes to doing something for our mother in laws the response is not that spontaneous.
It’s human nature that we try to find out mistakes in others, but we never ever try to figure out that may be something wrong started creeping in the relationship from our end.
One might have gone through a very rough phase as a daughter in law but when the same person becomes a Mother in law 20 years later, she does the same what she had been subjected to 20 years back.
Why is it the best of sisters in childhood suddenly part ways ?
The reason is not because their ideas clash or differ with times.
But because slowly Ego has taken the place of understanding and Love.
One starts comparing their lives with people without realizing that what we have and where we are today is not always in our hands, destiny decides that and any two persons cannot have the same destiny. And that’s the irony of life.
Now the question that haunts me inspite of being a woman myself is that we have been blessed with the most loving heart, the ability to carry and nurture a baby in our womb for nine months, we women can bring up an innocent child and instill the best of values in him to turn him into a good human being, we possess the art to love a stranger and make him our soul mate and turn his house into our Home, but what exactly goes wrong when it comes to dealing with another woman.
Why is a Woman the biggest threat to another Woman?
And on the other hand the so called heartless and insensitive Men can have friendships for Life. A man can stand by a man if need arises.
This seems to be awkward but is the bitter truth that we often witness but refuse to accept.
Being a woman myself( I am proud of the fact) manier times I tried to justify this whole process by saying that Women are perfectionists and they search for the same in every sphere.
Be it their size, their house, their kids and the list can go on, but is it justified?
It’s simply Ridiculous!
And this change can only take place within ourselves. If we want only then.

A woman you admire?
But one woman in my life who I admire and idolize is way above all such petty issues.
She never compared her life to anyone else’s, she was content with everything God blessed her with and never cribbed about not having her wishes turning into reality.
It was and is my Mother.
I feel the serene Calmness that adorns her personality is because of her inner contentment.
I would love to be like her. But trust me it’s an ordeal.
In the end all I can say is that they say no one is Perfect other than God.
And Women are not God !

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© Text-Afshan Japanwala

Photograph-Saadiya Kochar


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